Tips For Traveling Light

Institute: Some Thing Spacious
Collaborators: Erich Richter

Based on the structure of a plein air painting class, the public paints images broadcast from resort cam live feeds. The drawings were displayed salon style on the walls and given away at the end of the event. 

"What do the Swiss Alps, Nalchik Russia, the Ornithos Rainforest, and Qatar have in common?

They are all travel destinations we can reach without buying a plane ticket. Friday night we'll be pulling live webcam feeds from resort destinations around the world and using them as scenery for live drawing. These images will be re-materialized in our space as drawings, then exhibited salon style in the gallery. The evening will feature guest DJs, refreshments, and lively exchanges with our neighbors, both here and elsewhere in the world.

This event is open to the public. We're inviting local artists and gallery visitors alike to take an easel and draw. We'll bring the world to us."


Photos by Ricci Cande