The City Billboard

Role: Co-Founder and Co-Director
Collaborators: Greensboro Project Space, The Forge, Downtown Greensboro Inc., and Action Greensboro
When: October 2017 - Present

Located in Greensboro North Carolina, The City Billboard is a collaboration between UNCG's Greensboro Project Space and The Forge.  The City Billboard provides local artists, international artists, and community members a megaphone into the city of Greensboro.

Highly visible on the corner of Eugene Street/Gate City Boulevard intersection, 36,000 daily commuters will be greeted with a curated rotation of surprisingly uplifting, humorous and thought-provoking texts. 

This project was inspired by an assortment of different artist and art projects such as Jenny Holzer's Truisms, Jon Rubin's Last Billboard, Felix Gonzalez-Torres' Billboards, Fischli and Weiss' murals, and the many more who came before us.

This project was made possible through a generous Spark Grant! from Action Greensboro and Downtown Greensboro Inc. through a Spark Grant!  


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