Some Thing Grounded

Institute: Some Thing Spacious
Collaborators: Erich Richter

Free listings from Craigslist from everywhere but the united states are printed inside the gallery. The public is invited to choose pictures of objects, cut them out and re-arrange them into proposals for sculptures. Local artists are then invited to turn the public's proposals into physical sculptures.

Our world is both confounded and expanded by the tools of our times. We call it networked, emergent, global, but however we define it they engage the world around us along numerous and simultaneous paths. Through them we are able to function in a six dimensional world of space, time, and possibility.

What lands momentarily on our doorstep is launched back into the ether to some other place and time. Be it an object, a performance, a participation; these things can no longer be perceived as stationary. Things become images. The images become airborne. They proliferate and wherever they touch ground again they accumulate new knowledge of their surroundings. In this way the things we make grow and travel beyond the community and maker that created them.

This month we invite you to come in and experiment with this expanded space yourself. We will gather objects that the world provides us, engage them for a time, and them send them back into the ether to live again somewhere else. Part exhibition, part think-tank; 'Some Thing Grounded' is part of an ongoing program to go beyond simply observing the global community we have at our fingertips and begin to participate in it.