GPS Kiosks

Institute: Greensboro Project Space
Collaborators: Erica Rauer

GPS Kiosks attract new community members to Greensboro Project Space (GPS) and function as a way to build local awareness and reach non-traditional arts participants. Artists working at GPS use these as a tool.

Visit the first GPS Kiosk Project:

Print By People Shaped By Animals with Lauren Moran

In lieu of traditional channels to reach the broadest audience in Greensboro, we are going to the streets to create a new model for public engagement. GPS Kiosks will be located throughout different communities in Greensboro to facilitate outreach to a wide audience. Each kiosk will invite participation from the community, and will create outlets for a large subset of the local public to interact with GPS. The GPS Kiosks will be placed in different indoor locations whose populations vary. The locations will include schools, senior living communities, churches, synagogues, public parks, community centers, and more. 

GPS Kiosks will provide access to the needs and desires of our community, and give us the opportunity to include them in our process.