GPS Correspondents

Institute: Greensboro Project Space
Collaborators: Lee Walton

GPS Correspondents are people from around the world who correspond back to UNCG's Greensboro Project Space. These experimental journalists use audio, video, text, and images to give us a unique look into different communities outside of our city.

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Mike Doughty

Mike Doughty free-writes everyday using an old IBM Selectric II. While a GPS Correspondent he will be sharing two of these each week. 

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Roz Crews

Crews will provide current and breaking news about the behaviors, lifestyles, events, and journeys of Portland’s poodle community. As a self-identified poodle theorist, Crews is interested in learning more about the ebb and flow of popular interest in the fascinating dog breed. These inquiries will be explored through social-engagement, first-hand data collection, archival research, and storytelling in Portland, Oregon.


Diego Vergera

During summer 2016 Diego attended the prestigious New York Arts Practicum program and  reported about his experiences to our community at GPS.